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Thank you, Canada: Remembering 9/11

Ten years ago, nearly 3,000 innocent people -- citizens from 77 countries around the world -- lost their lives in the worst terrorist attack in American history. As we look back on the events that took place in New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia, it is important to remember the people we lost and the families they left behind, and to honor the heroic men and women who rushed to the scene as first responders and saved countless lives, even when it meant giving their own.

It is also important, however, to recognize the small mercies and acts of compassion that took place in the days, months and years following the attacks. Even as the world struggled to come to grips with the senseless terror that had manifested itself, Canadians responded with an outpouring of compassion and solidarity -- from the flowers and messages of support left outside the United States Embassy and its Consulates, to airports taking in over 200 planes that were diverted from the U.S. in the wake of the attacks, to the way ordinary Canadians opened their homes to thousands of stranded passengers and flight crews.

Ten years after those horrific events, we remember these acts of compassion with gratitude. The events of 9/11 were designed to spread a message of hatred; by responding with caring and generosity, Canadians showed that such destructive messages will never win out over kindness and compassion.

Thank you, Canada.

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