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EducationUSA Canada

Welcome to EducationUSA Advising Center, Ottawa, Canada

Alyson McPhee, U.S. Consulate Montreal, assists CEGEP students with questions on U.S. study

Alyson McPhee, U.S. Consulate Montreal, assists CEGEP students with questions on U.S. study

Youth Ambassadors Program with Canada 2014 at the U.S. Embassy, Ottawa

Youth Ambassadors Program with Canada 2014 at the U.S. Embassy, Ottawa

EducationUSA advising centers are available in 170 countries to assist international students and provide information on the full range of educational opportunities in the U.S.

The advisors at the center in Ottawa, Canada inform and advise prospective students about opportunities for university study in the United States, and provide accurate, comprehensive and current information on accredited U.S. higher education institutions. We advise students on academic opportunities at all levels, including undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate, and short-term exchange programs. If you are a student in Canada interested in studying in the U.S., contact an adviser at

About the U.S. Higher Education System
The U.S. higher education system is among the best in the world and is vast, with over 4,700 accredited institutions spread over 50 states. For an overview of educational options in the U.S. click here.

Getting Started on the Application Process
Applying to an American college or university takes time and preparation, but the payoff is worth it. The process can seem complicated, but with the right knowledge and preparation you will be ready to apply. Use 5 Steps to Apply as a guide to start your application 12-18 months before you plan to enroll. Read more about the application process

Standardized Tests
One of the differences you will note as a Canadian going through the application process to an American school is the importance of standardized tests. Depending on your program and academic background, you may have to take the SAT, SAT II Subjects Tests, ACT, GRE, TOEFL, or other test. Studying for these tests and staying informed on test dates will ensure you will be ready for the exam. Learn more about standardized test information and requirements in these sections: [Undergraduate] [Graduate and Postgraduate] [High School Equivalency and English Language Tests]

Considering Your Choices
A big part of the excitement of applying to an American school is researching the range of options you have when you apply. Liberal Arts College or large research university? Urban setting, suburban or rural setting? Northeast or Southwest? Master’s Degree or PhD? Reading college guides, visiting college websites, and talking to peers, teachers, and counselors can all help you decide what school is the best fit for you. Let's explore your options.

Financial Aid
The final part of the application process is deciding how you will finance your studies. Before you accept or reject any offer, you should consider how you can pay for your tuition costs. Will you apply for a scholarship? Will you use a financial aid package a school has offered you? Perhaps you will use personal savings or work while on campus. You may use a variety of strategies and sources to pay for university in the United States. View the EducationUSA database of financial aid available to international students and read more about financing your studies. Start your search early to make sure you meet any deadlines for financial aid or scholarships!


EducationUSA also helps U.S. universities recruit in Canada by explaining the Canadians school system, welcoming university representatives, and providing appropriate contacts. E-mail EducationUSA in Canada if you are a university representative planning a recruitment visit to Canada. Find an upcoming recruitment fair in Canada and learn more about Canadian schools.

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