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July 2010

1 July 2010: Happy Canada Day

Sec. Clinton: "On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I congratulate the people of Canada as you celebrate the 143nd anniversary of your Confederation this July 1." (Full Remarks)

1 July 2010: President Obama on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

"To this day, America reaps incredible economic rewards because we remain a magnet for the best and brightest from across the globe. Folks travel here in the hopes of being a part of a culture of entrepreneurship and ingenuity, and by doing so they strengthen and enrich that culture. Immigration also means we have a younger workforce -– and a faster-growing economy -- than many of our competitors. And in an increasingly interconnected world, the diversity of our country is a powerful advantage in global competition." (Full Remarks) (Video) (Audio)

6 July 2010: Ambassador's Blog: Independence Day

The 4th of July is an opportunity for Americans to give thanks to those whose foresight and determination shaped the course of our nation’s history. An opportunity to give thanks to those who defined freedom as a virtue and equality as a goal. (Read more on the Ambassador's Blog!)

6 July 2010: Ambassador's Blog: Canadian Navy’s 100th Anniversary

Ambassador Jacobson with the USS Wasp Marine and Navy Crew

Ambassador Jacobson with the USS Wasp Marine and Navy Crew

Like most everyone else, since I was a child I have read about Queen Elizabeth. There was always a touch of storybook to the narrative. I guess that's what made it so special. So, it was pretty exciting to be in Halifax for the celebration of the Canadian Navy's 100th Anniversary and to participate in the Queen's Fleet review. (Read more on the Ambassador's Blog!)

7 July 2010: Remarks by President Obama Announcing the President's Export Council

"In my State of the Union address, I set a goal for America: Over the next five years, we will double our exports of goods and services around the world -– an increase that will boost economic growth and support millions of American jobs in a manner that is deficit-friendly. (Full Remarks)

9 July 2010: This Week in Canadian Agriculture, Issue #11

Report Highlights: Flooded Farmers Offered C$450M Aid Package * Canada to Double Wheat Sales to China * China Said to Reopen Border to Canadian Beef * Canola Crush Strong Despite Tight Margins * China Expands Trade for British Columbia Logs (81KB PDF)

12 July 2010: Update on Efforts in Haiti

Sec. Clinton: "Over the last six months, the Haitian people have again shown their resilience and strength. Their efforts continue to inspire us all." (Full Remarks) (Update by Cheryl Mills, Counselor to Secretary Clinton, and USAID Administrator Raj Shah)

13 July 2010: Statement by Secretary Clinton on Bombings in Kampala, Uganda

"I join President Obama in strongly condemning today's attacks in Kampala, Uganda targeting innocent spectators watching the World Cup final." (Full Remarks) (White House Press Briefing)

15 July 2010: Ambassador Jacobson congratulates Calgary's Chinese community on Chinatown Centennial

Ambassador David Jacobson and Consul General Laura Lochman visited the Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre to congratulate the community on Chinatown's centennial anniversary. The stop marked Ambassador Jacobson's first official meet and greet with Calgary's Chinese community. For more photos, please visit our Flickr gallery!

19 July 2010: Ambassador Jacobson Tours Southern Alberta

Ambassador Jacobson and Calgary Consul General Laura Lochman tour the Magrath wind power project

Ambassador Jacobson and Calgary Consul General Laura Lochman tour the Magrath wind power project

Ambassador David Jacobson, accompanied by Consul General Laura Lochman, made his first tour to southern Alberta. The Ambassador stopped in the city of Lethbridge where he met with local government officials and members of the business, arts and academic communities during a lunch at the Galt Museum. He then travelled to Magrath where he toured a wind power project jointly owned by Suncor and Enbridge to learn the specifics about how the colossal wind turbines operate, as well as how Suncor is using revenues from oil sands development to invest in this alternative source of power.

19 July 2010: Podcast: Chantal McGill, Program Associate with the Interfaith Youth Core

After leading an interfaith roundtable with several members of Ottawa's faith and interfaith community, Ms. McGill discusses the importance of interfaith dialogue. (6:24, 5.9MB MP3)(Click here for more podcasts!)

19 July 2010: Ambassador Jacobson Gives Keynote Address at PNWER Summit

Ambassador David Jacobson gave the keynote address at the July 19th Pacific NorthWest Economic Region's (PNWER) breakfast session. Speaking to government and business officials from both sides of the border, the Ambassador touched on the importance of the U.S.-Canada relationship, especially with respect to border security, trade and energy and environmental issues. For more photos, check out our FlickR gallery!

20 July 2010: Secretary Clinton's Intervention at the Kabul Conference

"Today, we join in launching what the Afghan Government has termed 'the Kabul process.' It is a process that reflects a commitment to accountability, including clear benchmarks and milestones. And indeed, this conference is about accountability – accountability for the United States, for the United Nations, for members of the international community, and for the Afghan Government." (Full Remarks) (Gaggle with Traveling Press)

21 July 2010: Podcast: Evan Bloom, Director, Office of Ocean and Polar Affairs, Department of State

In this podcast, Mr. Bloom talks about the importance of U.S.-Canadian cooperation in Arctic Policy. (8:18, 7.6MB MP3) (Click here for more podcasts!)

22 July 2010: President Obama Issues Memorandum Regarding Arctic Research and Policy

President Obama today assigned responsibility to the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) for coordinating activities under the Arctic Research and Policy Act of 1984. (Full Memo - 6KB PDF)

22 July 2010: This Week in Canadian Agriculture, Issue #12

Report Highlights: Ottawa 'Optimistic' of EU Trade Deal's Success * Monsanto Canada Invests C$14 Million to Upgrade Alberta Seed Production Plant * Supply Management Issues Threaten Chicken Market Stability * Milk Quota Tax Argued as Better Option than Cap * May Wholesale Farm Supplies Unexpectedly Declines * USDA Bans Tomatoes, Peppers from Canada in Personal Luggage * High Stakes in the Low-Frills Grocery Game (85KB PDF)

23 July 2010: U.S. Trade Ambassador Kirk Visits Canada

Today Ambassador Ron Kirk concluded his first visit to Canada as the United States Trade Representative. (Press Release) (Readout of Meeting with Canadian Minister of International Trade Van Loan)

26 July 2010: Scientists Set Sail to Map the Arctic Seafloor

American and Canadian scientists are setting sail this summer to map the Arctic seafloor and gather data to help define the outer limits of the continental shelf. (Press Release) (Audio/Video) (

27 July 2010: Joint statement by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Secretary of the Treasury Timothy F. Geithner on European and Canadian Iran Sanctions

The United States welcomes the strong steps taken by our European and Canadian partners to implement UN Security Council Resolution 1929. Consistent with the Security Council's mandate, these measures impose additional sanctions against Iran's financial, insurance, transportation, trade and energy sectors, as well as the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, significantly increasing Iran's isolation. These steps underscore the steadfast European and Canadian leadership to hold Iran accountable for its failure to meet its international obligations and set a high standard for global implementation of sanctions. (Full Joint Statement)

29 July 2010: Ambassador's Blog: Canada AM

Ambassador Jacobsob with CTV's Seamus O'Regan

Ambassador Jacobsob with CTV's Seamus O'Regan

"This morning we hosted Seamus O'Regan and the crew of CTV's Canada AM for their broadcast. As I said to my daughter when they were putting on her makeup before the show...not like the life we used to lead!" (Read more on the Ambassador's Blog!) (Video) (Flickr gallery)

30 July 2010: This Week in Canadian Agriculture, Issue #13

Report Highlights: U.S. Restrictions on Canola Meal Plant Lifted * Political Parties Push to Overhaul Food Safety Policy * Canada's First Cloned Bull Goes Public * Canada - FTA with Korea * CFIA Ponders Lighter Scrutiny * Dairy Sector Warms to National Pool * Canadians' Dairy Consumption in Decline* New Brunswick's Chicken Industry Must Evolve (89KB PDF)

eJournal USA

  • eJournal USA July 2010 - Refugees Building New Lives In The United States
    Refugees Building New Lives In The United States
    Since 1980, millions of refugees have been resettled in the United States. Individual Americans welcome and help integrate refugees into U.S. communities large and small and, in turn, the resettled refugees enrich American culture. This edition of eJournal USA presents some background information and includes several personal stories.

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