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Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative

The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) requires U.S. and Canadian travelers to present a passport or other identity and citizenship document when entering the U.S.

Under the WHTI, Canadian citizens traveling to the U.S. are required to present one of the following travel documents:

  • A Canadian Passport;
  • An Enhanced Driver's License or Enhanced Identification Card. Canadian provinces have begun issuing these documents that denote identity and citizenship that are WHTI-compliant for cross-border travel into the U.S.; or
  • A Trusted-Traveler Program card. NEXUS and FAST enrollment cards can speed your entry into the U.S. and are issued only to pre-approved travelers. FAST cards are valid for use at land or sea ports of entry, while the NEXUS card can be used at land or sea ports of entry and at kiosks at participating airports.

The WHTI offers certain provisions to special groups, including children (both individuals under age 16 and groups under age 19), Native Americans, passengers on ferries and small boats, and boaters.