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Non-Immigrant Visas

For specific information on non-immigrant visas, consult the Categories and Requirements section. When you know the category of visa that corresponds with your purpose of travel to the United States, please schedule an appointment for your visa interview at the most convenient location. In Canada, non-immigrant visa interviews are conducted at the Embassy and six U.S. consulates.

All expedited appointment requests are processed through the regular appointment scheduling program. To request an expedited visa appointment, please register through the normal process and follow the prompts for expedited service. The decision to grant an expedited appointment is made on a case-by-case basis, but generally requests are accommodated if the applicant can demonstrate a legitimate need. A legitimate need includes travel for a bona fide medical or humanitarian crisis, or when faced with an unexpected academic, government, performance, professional sport, presentation, or business demand that could not be predicted sufficiently in advance.