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Categories and Requirements

For detailed information regarding visas, and to schedule your visa appointment online, please visit

Please note that the menu on the right side of this page contains links to important information for Canadians; applicants with a visitor's permit to Canada; and Applicants Seeking First-Time Student (F, M, J) or Worker (E3, H, L) visas. Additionally, the menu contains information on the legal rights and protections of certain employment- or education-based nonimmigrants. In order to ensure that your application complies with all rules and regulations, please review these links prior to filling out your application.

Important Notice for All Visa Applicants

The process of applying for a non-immigrant visa to the United States includes three distinct steps:

  1. Completing an online application called the DS-160.
  2. Scheduling an appointment for a visa interview.
  3. Attending an in-person interview and presenting the requisite documents.

Please use the links in #1 and #2 to complete the first two steps for each non-immigrant visa type. The list below details the type of documents you should bring to the interview for each category of visa.

Please note that after completing the DS-160, the applicant will electronically submit the application and will be provided with a confirmation page that includes only limited biographical information and a bar code. Applicants must bring this confirmation page with them to their interview. A separate DS-160 application form must be completed for each family member seeking a visa.

If the online application has not been completed fully and properly the applicant's case cannot be processed and a new interview appointment will be required.

For persons applying at Consulate General Montreal only: In general, passport pick up is four business days after the visa interview.

Please select one of the following visa categories: