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E-Visa Applications

Basic information about E-1 and E-2 visas is available at the State Department Website.

Scheduling an E-Visa Appointment

E1/E2 (Treaty Investor/Treaty Trader) visa applications are processed at the U.S. Consulates General in Vancouver and Toronto. Appointment availability is prioritized for Canadian Citizens and Canadian Permanent Residents/Landed Immigrants who are citizens of treaty-trader countries. Citizens of the UK, even those who are Canadian Permanent Residents/Landed Immigrants, must apply in the UK because of the specific language of the treaty that governs this type of visa. Limited appointments are available for applicants who are not Canadian citizens or residents; such applicants must choose the “Non-Canada Resident” category when scheduling an appointment.

The consulates use an online appointment service for all visa applicants. First-time applicants are required to submit a documentation package at the time of making the online visa appointment; please carefully review the relevant links with checklists below for a detailed listing of required documentation. As soon as you have gathered all documentation pertaining to your E-visa application, you may schedule an appointment online at the U.S. Visa Service website. Before an appointment can be scheduled, you must pay the required visa fees for the principal applicant and any eligible family members. Please be aware that visa fees are non-refundable.

Once an appointment has been scheduled, please print the appointment confirmation page and bring it to the appointment.

Booking E-Visa Appointments

Treaty Trader (E1) and Investor (E2) visa appointments in Canada may be booked via the Visa Information Call Center or on-line via U.S. Visa Services.